Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rich Old Men and the Young Women Who "Love" them

Has anyone seen recently our old buddy Robert Kraft helping his girlfriend trying to get an acting part in the newest Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson movies? If you haven't yet, check it out here and see Jimmy Kimmel tell you about it ( It's a bit creepy and disturbing. Kraft sounds like he's either drunk or doesn't care or both. It's like a terrible porn. She's a terrible actress herself. The woman is 32-year-old Ricki Lander. Not to make light of personal appearances, but she can afford to eat a cheeseburger or 10. I see ribs and that's never a good thing. She can add a few pounds but she would probably considered "too fat." The end is the best where he drops an F Bomb and "punches" the guy. I love her reaction or lack thereof. I'd love for Mr. Kraft to punch me. One it probably wouldn't hurt because the guy is like 100. And two, the guy is worth billions. I'd be OK taking a punch for a couple mil.

Kraft lost his long-time wife Myra Kraft last year. Now the 71-year-old Kraft is dating the young 32-year-old Lander. Do the math. Now I'm not here to say that he should be continue to grieve his wife's death. It's not like it was the next day after she died. Different grieving for different people. I'm not even here to say he should date someone close to his old age and not someone who is well old enough to be his grand daughter. If he wants to date whoever then its his choice. I do have to point out that he was near 40 when she was born. But my question with this whole thing, does she love him or does she love the $1.1 billion he is worth? Spare me the "she loves him no matter what and she's not a gold digger." And what about Kraft, does he love her or the fact that he has some young, attractive arm candy? This is not the makings of a healthy relationship. Where is this going to end up? To me its just a way for both to satisfy each other's fantasies. Now if both parties accept the terms that this won't be a long-term commitment and are OK with it then that's fine. But if they really think they are in love and will together forever than they're delusional.

This young vixens who "love" these old millionaires and billionaires really crack me up. They love him and don't care about the age. Yea because there's nothing more sexy than a man who has arthritis, hip, knee, leg, back problems, moles all over their body, bald and fat, fake knees and hip, and can barely walk, hear, or see. Talk about a stud. Let me ask you a question. If these young girls love old men and don't care about age, how come none of them date a man whose not rich and living on a very fixed income? Is that coincidence? How come all the old men are either millionaires and billionaires and not poor or middle class? Yea that's not about money or anything. And these old men aren't absolved from this either. You're not off the hook. These rich old pervs I mean men never date a young woman whose fat or anything that's not a super model. They don't date young plain or average looking girls. They're all Playboy Playmates of some sort. It's some sort of sexual fantasy they are trying to live and they figure they got the cash and they don't have a lot of time left on this earth so they can do whatever they want.

"But they love them they are so in love." They just say that, they don't mean that. They'll never come out and say "yea I just want to have sex with her." And the woman will never say "yea I just want his money."But that's what they are doing. But there are those who really think they are in love. Talk about delusional. Even the loser who goes to the strip club and thinks the stripper loves him only because he tipped her $100 thinks these old guys are delusional. Even the loser who goes to a bar or restaurant and thinks the waitress or bartender likes them because they are just trying to get tips think this person is delusional. If they understand what this relationship is all about, sex and money, then OK. If you're comfortable with it, OK. Just understand the consequences and understand that this is not love or anything close to it. There is sex, and there is love. Big difference. You have sex with love, but you can have sex without love.

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